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We come to love by learning to see an imperfect someone perfectly

This is my first wedding video for 2014. This is my first wedding video gig that I tried quite a number of things compared to my past experiences.


- 50% of the time, during the wedding event, I shot handheld. Which is something that is not encouraged when I first started my learning journey. Reasons shared to me by others are :-

  1. Customers don’t like shaky footages.
  2. It doesn’t give that professional look or film like feel.
  3. If need to, have to do it very creatively.

- I thought I would like to give it a try. My approach in shooting handheld were :-

  1. to give a feel of “short burst” of memory lapses in the video.
  2. Second, I would want to bring the attention of the viewers to certain things.
  3. Lastly, it has to be of a Mid Shot or Close Up Shot

I guess it worked for me.


- I was trying to do more than my previous wedding videos. I want to add in real sacrifices, emotions, words of encouragement, love journey, that kind of stuff. So, I pre-planned whom I want to start first and the questions that I want to ask.

  • First stop – The Couple.

They were kinda camera shy. As much as I want to get their story during the event, I also do not want to make the overall experience a bad one. So, I tried not to push as much as I can. I knew, they are quite overwhelmed with the solemnization experience.

  • Second stop – The Parents

Oh boy, I was in for a surprise. The parents were so co-operative and supportive in what I wanted from them. Not only that, they gave me more than what I expected. Some of the questions that I asked were :-

  1. ” What were sacrifices you made for your marriage ? “
  2. ” What mistakes that you would not want your kids to make in their marriage ? “

Nevertheless, I was thankful that they shared their experiences. I cried while shooting. Their advises that I used for my own. What they did, made me remembered what my dad told me one month after I got married. It was a good Dad to Son talk.

  • Third stop – ?

No need. But I prepared, if I cannot get something out of the parents, I would try their Uncles and Aunties, Friends. If still, I cannot get something, I have to use Qadi’s speech as my first layer of story.


- As I have mentioned earlier, 50% of the time I was shooting handheld. When I reviewed the footages at home, only then I realized that my Samyang 35mm did not has a IS function as it is a manual lens. Even I managed to stabilize the shot while shooting, it has this “frequent bumpy jittery” effects. Darn!

- I did not have this problem if I am using a stabilizer, monopod or tripod. I need to figure out a way on how to minimize the jittery effect while shooting handheld.


- I planned all the “story-based” interviews shots during the solmenization. I felt that everyone affected will be overwhelmed with the feeling. The couple just married. The parents have to let go of their son and daughter. If I were to do this during the wedding reception, I may not have that feel. If you know what I mean.


- Prior to the wedding, over the period of 3 months, I shared my ideas with the couple. I gave them a rough idea of how the final video going to be. Honestly, it was only about 30-40% of what the original plan.

- Not only that, I asked the couple before hand whether are they willing to take risks with me. I do not allow them to have say or ideas or inputs for their wedding video. How I shoot and how I piece all of them together is will be solely based on my directions and feel. They do not mind. Even they give me the green light, I still do feel the need to manage the expectations between us.

- My heart sank when I saw the bride shed a tear while watching the video. I was so afraid because 80% of people that I showed to, mentioned that it was kinda off and weird. When I saw the bride shed a tear, I took it a sign of approval, a sign of they like it.

So, what do you think ?

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